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About Architecture Excellence Recognition 2024

PHDCCI is extremely pleased to announce the 3rd Edition of the Architecture Excellence Recognition 2024, to be organized on 13th September 2024 at Chandigarh, India.

The Event is an ode to the ingenuity and creativity of the professionals designing urban spaces. Architecture Excellence Recognition intends to encourage the Professionals to showcase their work, disseminate best practices of the industry & get recognized for their outstanding contribution.

Architecture is an artistic expression of the Civilizational Aspiration. The Architects work right at the frontiers of civilization, toiling and struggling to make our lives comfortable. Structures cannot be built in isolation and they have to create a Harmony of Spaces in their designs so that the purpose is achieved adequately and economically.

The mission of this initiative is to recognize their efforts and tell their stories.

The Industry has to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by our times. Through their designs, they have to address challenges of rising prices of land & construction, changing consumer preferences, shrinking resources, and sustainability of our cities.

PHDCCI Architecture Excellence Recognition platform is mandated to establish an Annual Dialogue among the stakeholders to deliberate the opportunities and challenges of the Industry and recognize exemplary contribution.

PHDCCI Architecture Excellence Recognition follows a rigorous 360° approach to evaluation of the Projects. The Essentials for Evaluation will include the following Parameters:

Overtures: Indicatively, overtures of the project under evaluation will include:

  • Entrance
  • The Exterior Appearance
  • The Color Schemes and patterns
  • Schemes and Shapes

Our Jury Member

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Our Jury Member

Prof. Dr P S N Rao (Jury)
Director and Professor, Housing School of Planning and Architecture
Ar. Habeeb Khan (Member)
Past President, COA, Government Of India
Ar. Manmohan Khanna (Member)
Chairman, IIA, Chandigarh Chapter
Ar. Surinder Bahga (Member)
President Chandigarh Chapter, FSAI
Dr. Sangeeta Bagga Mehta (Member)
Principal Chandigarh College of Architect, Chandigarh
Ar. Kapil Aggarwal (Member)
Founder, Spaces Architects
Ar. Anand Sharma (Member)
Chairman, Architecture & Interiors Forum, PHDCCI
Ar. Goonmeet Singh Chauhan (Member)
Co-Chair, Architecture & Interiors Forum, PHDCCI
Ar. Sonali Bhagwati (Member)
Co-Chair, Architecture & Interiors Forum, PHDCCI

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