Architecture Excellence Recognitions is mandated to follow a 360° approach to evaluation of the Projects. The Essentials for Evaluation include the following Parameters:

Design Concept :

It is a fundamental concept or theme that drives the design decisions and shapes the overall form, function, and aesthetics of a building or space. The design concept is the starting point for an architect to develop a coherent and meaningful design solution that responds to the project’s specific requirements and context. The markers for evaluating are :

  • Enumeration of basic thought and concept
  • Description of design philosophy
  • Challenges
  • Area Program
  • Zoning, classification of activities, etc.
  • Circulation
  • Material Palette

Sustainability :

 Optimize your BUILDING assets for long-term value as defined by Siemens would include the following:

  • Sustainability and environmentally concepts
  • Passive methods
  •  Energy generation and conservation
  • Water recycle, harvesting, recharge and conservation
  • Contextual implications
  • Responsibility Index
  • Sustainable materials and relevant details

Architectural design :

It is the process of envisioning, planning, and creating the physical and spatial form of buildings, structures, and spaces. It is a creative and problem-solving discipline that combines art, science, and technology to design structures that meet human needs and enhance the built environment.

  • Site Analysis
  • Climate, Geological, Geographical and Cultural response
  • Architectural Form-3D development
  • Basic floor plans
  • Basic elevations
  • Basic sections
  • Architectural materials and usage
  • Architectural detailing

Perception :

It is the Perception generated in an untutored mind that is the most valued evaluation for an architect. This is common to all forms of arts, wherein without getting into the technicalities purely as an impression a subject is evaluated. It is these subliminal understanding that about a project that arises in the minds of an observer that acts as a true barometer of the Architects success. The Perception markers would include the following :

  • Visual perception by general public and untutored mind
  • Users opinion and perception 
  • Functionality
  • Ageing and maintenance
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation Index and value

The aforesaid are the essential themes that intend to capture the essence of the project. There were definitely other evaluation parameters that were specific to the Recognition Categories however, the larger evaluation was based on the aspects discussed.